Show Cross Exchange



Request headers:

Name Value
Authorization Bearer {company_token}



	"data": {
        "id": "e5302b942164be5bed4c",
        "operation_id": "0abbdb1117499a4e6cbd",
        "sell_currency": "BTC",
        "buy_currency": "ETH",
        "sell_amount": "0.00024865",
        "buy_amount": "0.01",
        "fee": "0",
        "rate": "46.23712807",
        "invoice_address": "2MxytWgaJS5MM53XTVLc5QcAM4Ewwfopat8",
        "status": "processed",
        "expired_at": "2020-05-04T15:01:25.000000Z",
        "created_at": "2020-05-04T14:01:25.000000Z",
        "updated_at": "2020-05-04T14:01:25.000000Z"

Operation details:

Parameter Type Description
id string

Cross exchange id

operation_id string

Operation id

sell_currency string Сurrency for sale
buy_currency string Сurrency to buy
sell_amount string

Amount for sale

buy_amount string

Amount to buy

fee string

Fee of the cross exchange amount

rate string

Cross exchange rate at the moment of payment

invoice_address string Cross exchange address
status string Cross exchange status
expired_at string Cross exchange expiration date
created_at string Cross exchange creation date
updated_at string Cross exchange change date

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